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Be sure if you booked your room with a company credit card and you will not be taking the card with you to the hotel that you send a credit card authorization form to the hotel prior to the conference.
Just fyi on this. I travel every week and some hotels " lose" this authorization form . So when you get to check in it is a huge hassle. My company put together a " ghost" credit card. In addition to the authorization form, this is a piece of paper that is specific to the hotel it has the credit card number and security code az well as the company cardholder signature. It has the reservation number the amount authorized and the hotel contact that it was scheduled thru. I get a physical copy to hand to the front dest person. And even then i get desk people tell me that they will no t accept it. You must stand your ground and speak with a manager if need be. You will still need your personal card to leave for incidentals. Tell them to make a separate folio for your card.