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Some of my doctors are trying to use the time they spend "at bedside" on a robot towards critical care. I don't think this should be used, but I'm having a hard time finding resources to back me up. Outside of the CPT saying the physician must be "immediately available to the patient" (because according to them, they are since they're on the robot), is there anything else I can reference? Or am I out of line?
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You're correct - reporting of critical care (or any other E&M service) in a facility requires that physician be personally present at the bedside or on the hospital floor or unit. As technology advances this might change, but as far as I know, CMS and other payers have not introduced any guidelines that would allow billing of these codes when services are performed via robot. However, if they are operating a robot from a remote location, depending on the nature of the technology, this might qualify as a telehealth service, in which case you may be able to bill this as such using HCPCS codes G0508 and G0509.