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If a physician sees an inpatient critical care with documented time spent 60 min.(99291) with family agreeing to life support, but later in the day the physician is called back to patients room because family wants to discuss removing life support . How would this be coded?
This is my thought to my above post. I think it still falls under critial care code of 99291 but if the discussion of removing life support is greater than 15minutes ( code 99291 is the first 30 to 74 min & physician already spent 60min with pt and family) I would be adding 99292 as long as I have a documented time spent with family for this discussion. Any thoughts on this.
mww08, CPC

Depending on the total amount of time spent with the family on that date, I would use both 99291 and 99292 to report the services. The notes in the Critical Care E/M section say to only report 99291 once per day and to report 99291 & 99292 for the total duration of time spent by a physician even if the time is not continuous.

Make sure documentation supports the services.