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I am new to diagnostic radiology coding and am confused on coding a CT Arthrogram - MR could not be done to to implants?? So it was a Lt Shldr Arthrogram done by way of CT. Am I correct in using: 23350 / injection, Q9976 (ultravist), 73200 /ct shldr, I feel like I am missing something here.

Please help! :confused:

Examination: CT Guided Needle Placement and Injection for CT Arthrography
Technical: The procedure was performed by Dr. Khan. The procedure was explained to the patient
and consent was obtained.

IMPRESSION: Successful CT guided placement of arthrogram contrast into the left shoulder for Ct arthrograpy.

Examination: CT Arthrogram of the Left Shoulder
Technical: This study was performed with the acquisition of helical images through the left
shoulder and reconstructed in all 3 planes at 3 mm thickness.

1. No CT evidence a recurrent rotator cuff tear.
2. Mild to moderate external impingement secondary to downward acromial spurring.

Thank you in advance for you assistance.
If the patient was not taken to CT post injection and the actual diagnosis was made at the time of the arthrogram you would code


otherwise you would code a CT w/contrast if they were actually taken to the CT machine.

The radiologists I used to work for would use fluoro guidance for the needle placement and then send them to CT or MRI.