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I have a procedure report stating

Radiology: Diagnostic CT w/pubic arch study performed
Procedure: US transducer was introduced into rectum. Prostate gland was visualized, measured 4.5x4.2x2.7cm & homogenous. Measured volume 26.30cc. Images were fused w/prostate MRI scan & downloaded into our 3-D planning computer for volumetric reconstruction of prostrate & virtual 3-D simulation of the implant. A bradytherapy plan was generated, special physics consult obtained to assess dosimetric accuracy & ongoing physics support requested. A CT scan is ordered, reviewed to assess the pubic arch status. An interstitial, perineal template is designed & customized based on computer work done today & the CT images obtained
Plan: Cesium seed implant on date mm/dd/yr

Can I bill CPT code 77014 (Computed tomography guidance for placement of radiation therapy fields) for planning of future seed placement, if no placement of radiation therapy fields was performed?

I would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations