Wiki Currently CPC certified, 7 years experience, next Certification?


Fitchburg, MA
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Good morning,

I've been CPC certified since 2013. I've worked mostly doing Outpatient Coding for a couple facilities since then and have done a large number of different specialties from Priviate Practice, Outpatient General Surgery, Cardiothoracic, IVR, E/M coding, and a couple more.

I'm currently a Level II Coder and would like to move up to a Level III Coder and then Auditor eventually.

I'd love to hear other Coder's opinions on which certification may be best to obtain next. I've looked at COC and CIC. I've wanted to learn more about Inpatient Coding as my current employer feels that a Coder needs knowledge of both Inpatient and Outpatient Coding to move to a Level III Coder.

I'd love some feedback from others who have moved up through the ranks at their companies.

Thank you!
CDEO seems like it would be practical for anything in the situation you describe. It may also indicate to you a reason to go for/stay away from auditing
CCS, RHIA, or RHIT offered through AHIMA are universally recognized.

AHIMA's CCS has got to be the most difficult exam I've sat through... the CPC does not compare, IMO.

Almost all of my leads and auditors have one of the three listed. (I'm currently coding for Kaiser Permanente in CA)

Hope this helps with your research.

Best of vibes.