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Fallbrook, CA
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We are a multiple practice group. FP, Intmed, Peds. etc. We also have xray's on site. (We do our own data entry of charges). Just within the last week or so when we charge out a cxr 71020 to Medicare it is coming up with needing a modifier. Some of these patients are only having a cxr done on that day and no other services. We get the following from encoder pro. Does anybody know what this means? I don't know why it would need a modifier for only one service performed. We tried modifier 59 which it sugessted and it didn't work. See message below. Thanks for your help

Per LCD or NCD guidelines, procedure code 71020 has not met the associated Modifier Code relationship criteria for CMS ID(s) L34317.
Cxr 7120

Group 1 Paragraph: Note: Effective 01/01/2017, Providers must add modifier FX (X-ray taken using film) on chest-x-rays taken using film[/FONT]

Always go to LCD referenced...
This should help.

Our xrays are all digital. No film. Also I did go to the LCD and for 71020 dx R05 is ok which is what we are using.