Cystoscopy with Catheterization 52005


Nagpur, Maharashtra
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My Dr is doing below procedure. He is checking both ureter by adding catheter. Can I code 52005 two times?

The patient was taken to the OR and laid in supine position. Appropriate
anesthesia was administered. The patient was then placed in dorsolithotomy position. The genitalia
was prepped and draped in a standard surgical fashion. The urethra was calibrated and dilated to the
size #22 French. A rigid cystoscope was placed into the urethra. No obvious urethral lesions were noted.
The prostate revealed an open channel. Upon inspection of the bladder, both ureteral orifices appeared
to have clear efflux. There was no evidence of any bladder tumors. Bladder capacity was adequate.
Old scar on right side was clear. #5-French cone tipped catheter was inserted into both ureteral orifices
respectively. Both ureters were normal along their courses without any filling defect. The upper
collecting system was normal as well and the calices were sharp. Adequate drainage was noted
bilaterally. The bladder was drained and reinspected again. No other lesions were evident. The patient
tolerated the procedure well and was transferred to the recovery room in stable condition.