Cystoscopy with incision of anterior portion of the V-loc anastomic suture


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Patient had a history of a robotic radical prostatectomy 4 weeks prior to this cystoscopy.

A 22 French rigid cystoscope was lubricated and entered into the bladder with no difficulty. There did not appear to be any stenosis of obstruction of the bladder neck level. The anastomosis was intact with no sign of any mucosal defects. The bladder mucosa appeared benign with some mild inflammation from the indwelling catheter. Urine was collected and sent for culture. I did feel that his anastomotic suture that is pexed to the pubis may be causing some tension, although there was no visual obstruction or apparent elevation of the bladder neck that seemed unusual. I did obtain some hysteroscopy scissors that could be placed through the cystoscope and I did incise at the 12 o'clock position both the clear and blue V-Loc sutures that would come together and be tied at the 12'oclock position to complete the anastomosis external to the bladder neck lumen. I felt like this would be release this from the pexing suture if that is part of the obstructing mechanisim.

Looking for a CPT code?? Would this be 53899.78? Could I compare the pricing to 52276?