Cystoscopy with right ureteral stent realignment


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Thoughts? 52000 or 52332.52?

At this timeframe upon inspection the distal curl of the stent was seen outside of the urethral meatus. This timeframe a glidewire was advanced through he lumen of the stent under fluroscopic guidance and up into the right collecting system region at this timeframe the cystoscope was backloaded over the Glidewire and under direct vision the stent was then re-positioned the Glidewiere was removed leaving the stent in apparent proper potion with the proximal curl within the suspected right renal pelvis and distal curl was visualized within the bladder.


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This is old, at first I was going to say downcode it to 52000.
But the M.D does place the guidewire and re-positioned the stent. In a sense placing it.
Think I 'd do 52332 myself, now reivewing this. No modifier.

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Ureteroscopy with Stent Repositioning
Published on Wed May 01, 2002
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Question: While removing a guide wire, a physician inadvertently pushed the stent up the ureter. He then had to do a ureteroscopy and use grasping forceps to pull the stent back down. How should we bill for the ureteroscopy and repositioning of the stent?
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Answer: The procedure constitutes the placement of a ureteral stent. The intraop-erative problem was "inadvertent," and its correction at the time does not warrant an additional reimbursement. You should report 52332 (Cystourethroscopy, with insertion of indwelling ureteral stent [e.g., Gibbons or double-J type]) for the procedure.