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Congratulations to Oksana P. for winning day #1 of our Coding Challenge contest. She will receive a one year subscription to AAPC Coder and a one year membership to AAPC (or renewal). The next case is available at the link:
Answers to Day One Challenge

Under the answers tab and day one nothing comes up. Where are the answers and tips for the next days challenge?
Our tech team is working feverishly to get the answer screencast working. We'll let you know as soon as it is up. We're apologize for the inconvenience.

This link will take you to the teaser page, which will give you a hint for tomorrow.

Let us know there are other questions or concerns.
How long do you have to answer the question? if you post the next question at 10, does the answer to the first question have to be submitted within 24 hours?
I tried to download the AAPC Coder program to use for this contest as stated on AAPC's web page, it then asks for my credit card number even though it's a FREE trial! I assume if I don't take it out within the 30 days I have now bought a subscription. Not cool. Is there anyway around giving AAPC a credit card number to use the FREE Coder Program for this contest?
answers, winners and leaderboard

Where are the answers ? cant find them anywhere...
also the winners thus far Oksana, and is it their names dont even appear on the leaderboards (bottom right on the answers page link)?
and the main leaderboard was taken down again ...Rhonda Buckholtz an AAPC VP was on it twice and top leader!, and the other names are funky...Marge Simpson, white collar, Harvi Spector, Peason Hardman...Rachel ? am I crazy or does that sound like the TV Suits characters and law firm name?