Day #6 Issues


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Anyone else see an issue with having only one box to include modifiers for all CPT codes? There is no way to specify which modifiers go with which codes and when coding multiple unilateral procedures from opposing sides of the body this creates an issue with LT and RT modifiers.

I guess i'll just include them in the CPT code box, and will probably get marked wrong for it even though the codes may be right. Perhaps a box for each CPT code paired with a box for modifiers for that code only would be a better choice? Would be much closer to how a claim would be formatted if the service was actually being billed.

I've only been doing the challenge for a couple days, and am already seeing that there are several issues, as seems to usually be the case, with this
Day 6

Pfft I never even got to see #6, went straight from the #6 teaser to the #7 teaser. The cases are supposed to be available for 24 hours right?
I looked forward to all the coding challenges for different specialties but I can even get them to show up. :-(