Wiki Decalcification of leaflet of mitral valve

Garner, NC
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I need help with a code for decalcification of mid-anterior leaflet of mitral valve. My surgeon performed an aortic valve replacement. It was also noted that the patient had a large bar of calcium extending down the anterior leaflet of the mitral valve that he was able to remove using an endarterectomy technique. How do I code this decalcification?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this!!
I know this is late..but you would use 33425. This CPT is used because the surgeon improves the ability of the mitral valve to close completly when the ventricle contracts. In your case the calcification of the leaflets.
33426: is used if the mitral valve is enlarged requiring placement of a prosthetic ring.
33427: if it's a more extensive repair, including transfer of cords from the posterior leaflet to the anterior leaflet, is performed. A prosthetic ring may be required with extensive reconstruction. :)