Deciding when to move on?


St Petersburg, FL
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I thought this would be a better place to post than employment forum because i am specifically interested in developing my career in auditing and compliance.

i am currently a physician coder for multi-specialty pediatrics healthcare system that primarily bills Medicaid. Benefits are good, however, there is no real opportunity for me to grow into auditing and compliance. I am starting to look outside the organization but have apprehensions and i am hoping experienced auditors can offer some short and long term career advice. Any thoughts are appreciated :) :confused:

If i were to make the jump to another organization, what salary range would be acceptable for an entry level auditor (I've been coding for 5 yrs)?
Is it worth leaving multi-specialty peds/medicaid for something like adult/primary care medicare? what type of organization should i be looking for?
what questions should i be asking from a potential new employer when it comes to career development?