Decompress Peripheral Nerve Foot Incision site?


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I would very much appreciate any assistance on this. One of our physicians uses 64708 to show he decompressed the peroneal nerve in the dorsal foot. In his opertative report he states his incision site is at the dorsal foot so I use 64704. My understanding is the incision site determines the code in this case. This discussion has been going on for quite a long time.
I just want to get it right. Since CPT describes 64708 as major peripheral nerve he feels that is the correct code. He is very receptive to change he just believes he is right..maybe he is.

Incision site or nerve for the code? I have asked other coders, some agree with me some don't. I still don't know which is correct.
Any one know which way to go on this? Can you help me please?