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I needed some advice on this procedure. I can't find a code for decompression of anterior subglottic cyst and I was wondering if anyone knows a code for it or what code would be best to use for the following procedure:

Procedure: Flexible Fiberoptic Nasolaryngoscopy, Direct laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, decompression of anterior subglottic cyst.

Procedure Details: Using a laryngoscope and fiberoptic hopkins rod telescope the supraglottic structures were identified. The scope was then passed through the glottic introitus into the subglottis and it was noted to be normal caliber. There were 2 small anterior subglottic cysts which ruptured with palpation with the suction. The proximal and distal trachea demonstrated very mild tracheomalacia. The carina was sharp and right and left mainstem bronchi were normal.

There was no evidence of lateral of AP pharyngeal wall collapse, no significant adenoid obstruction, no arytenoid prolapse or shortened AE folds. It was decided that no further surgical intervention was needed.