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Good Morning,
If a patient owes $350.00 due to deductible can you reduce the amount for cash discount? I thought that deductibles had to be paid and were not suppose to be discounted by the doctor's office.

Thank you in advance.

The deductible should not be reduced. This is the amount that the insurance company has stated is the patient's responisbility. Both you and the patient have sigined contracts agreeing to pay or collect what the insurance company deems is the responsibility of the patient.
A couple more things for your office to consider. One, by participating with the insurance you are already accepting reduced payments, so you've made adjustments to your fees when you get the EOB. Two, the patient is getting credit towards their deductible so even if you do not get full payment (of the deductible) the patient has gotten full credit towards it which means they're getting a double bonus (they don't pay your full fee because of your participation and they don't pay their full deductible).
Unless the patient has a documented financial hardship you may be in violation of your contract with the insurance company if you further reduce the patient responsibility whether it's the deductible, coinsurance or copayment.
The doctors have to get this in their heads. Yes, they feel sorry for the patient, but they also MUST realize they are violating their contract with the insurance company; and the"IT's my business I'll run it the way I want won't fly with the insurance companies.

I have few patients who wait till they get 3 statements and then they call to negotiate the amount demanding a discount on the balance for "prompt pay". Can we do that?