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Need a little help please! 38 week pregnant woman admitted for a repeat low transverse c-section no complication delivered single healthy 3300 gram baby boy. I have never coded a delivery chart before. can someone tell me the principle dx please. This is inpatient Thanks!
If your billing just the delivery with postpartum, use 59515 dx o34.21, z37.0
If your billing entire maternity care with delivery use 59510 dx o34.21 z37.0
For sequencing purposes, you'd need to code the condition or complication that created or caused the plan for a cesarean.

If you check under O75.82, there is an instruction "Code first to specify reason for planned cesarean section such as: cephalopelvic disproportion (normally formed fetus) (O33.9) previous cesarean delivery (O34.21)" which would prompt the use of O34.21 as "possible delivery problems".

Then, of course, you'd have to use the Z code to indicate the outcome.

So you'd get O34.21, O75.82, Z37.0

This is a good reference (see pg 61):

Regarding the admit, just to clarify, the patient came in due to spontaneous onset of labor, correct? I only ask because if she was not in labor and was admitted with the plan to do the C-section, that'd change your coding.