Delivery with Aspiration of Skene's cyst"


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Hello coding community. :) I will greatly appreciate your advice on whether or not I can use a modifier -22 for 'aspiration of cyst' to easy the delivery?
MD's attestation " Delivery c/b skene's gland cyst with urethral deviation and bleeding on foley catheter placement; then aspirated in controlled manner to decompress prior to delivery (note addended to reflect). Pt will need to see urogyn/urology for further management. "
Resident's note describes the same 'Following epidural initiation, difficulty passing foley catheter due to distortion of urethra from known left periurethral skene's gland, at ~2130. Small periurethral tear due to manipulation of periurethral area, with 500cc EBL. Foley able to be placed, and Skene's gland cyst was then aspirated in a controlled manner to decompress prior to delivery, with ~10cc EBL and aspiration of 20cc cloudy fluid. "
Then follows a regular vaginal delivery.
Do you think it qualifies for -22 or the difficulty was not enough? There is no time in the note unfortunately.
Thank you in advance for your advice.