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Code: F03.91
Unspecified dementia with behavioral disturbance
Unspecified dementia with aggressive behavior
Unspecified dementia with combative behavior
Unspecified dementia with violent behavior
Use additional code, if applicable, to identify wandering in unspecified dementia (Z91.83)
Parent Code Notes: F03
Excludes1: senility NOS (R41.81)
Excludes2: mild memory disturbance due to known physiological condition (F06.8)
senile dementia with delirium or acute confusional state (F05)

Category Notes
Mental disorders due to known physiological conditions (F01-F09)
Note: This block comprises a range of mental disorders grouped together on the basis of their having in common a demonstrable etiology in cerebral disease, brain injury, or other insult leading to cerebral dysfunction. The dysfunction may be primary, as in diseases, injuries, and insults that affect the brain directly and selectively; or secondary, as in systemic diseases and disorders that attack the brain only as one of the multiple organs or systems of the body that are involved.

Coding Guidelines
Mental, Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental disorders (F01-F99)
Includes: disorders of psychological development
Excludes 2: symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified (R00-R99)