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Merrill, WI
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We billed a 32500, 32480 and 32124 together.

The 32500 and 32124 are being denied as being included in the 32500.

The note clearly reflects the work he did to get through adhesions to bill 32124 and the 32480 resection was done in lower lobe of lung. The 32500 was different lobe.

I am new to this type of coding. Am I missing something here? They should all be seperately payable, correct?
My claim scrubber is saying modifier 51 needs to be added to 32500 and 32124. As to whether or not the codes and use of modifiers is supported depends on the note.

My first response to just seeing the codes and no op report would be that the 32124 probably is included in the other procedures.

Just my opinion though,

Laura, CPC