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Does anyone have a cheat sheet with the Dxxx codes for Dental ASU coding?

Thank you:)
The D codes are in the hcpcs book, but i don't know if use a specific code for each tooth, depending on what they do....never did dental before..confusion
I work in an oral surgery office so I'm not sure of the specifics for ASU but each tooth is assigned a Dxxxx code according to the manner in which the tooth was extracted. For instance, tooth #8 might have been a routine removal of tooth structure with minor smoothing of socket bone and closure which would be coded as a D7140 but on tooth #16, most or all of the crown was covered by bone and required mucoperiosteal flap elevation plus bone removal which would be coded as a D7240. When I submit extractions to medical insurance companies on a CMS-1500 form, I use the Dxxxx codes and in the first modifier box beside each extraction, I use the # sign then the tooth number for that procedure (for example, for D7140 on tooth #8, I would put #8 in this box). This tells the company the area for this procedure. I also include a panoramic x-ray with the claim. Now this may work for me only because of our contracts with the medical companies as oral surgeons but hopefully it will give you a starting point.

Good luck!
Jennifer, CPC