Dentist Certified in Anesthesia Billing

Richmond, IN
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Do any of you have experience in billing for a dentist (DDS) that is Texas Board of Dental Examiners - Certified to perform anesthesia for high-risk or pediatric patients?

I have reviewed the Texas Occupations Code, Title 3. Health Professions, Subtitle D. Dentistry, Chapter 258. Practice by dentist

I understand many manuals, including CMS state that a dentist may provide anesthesia services, however no one is explaining how to bill.

I see Dentists are permitted to Delegate to CRNAs, but that does not say anything about being able to medically direct.
Can a dentist medically direct a CRNA?

Would they be limited in the anesthesia billing to certain procedures?
Does this need to be pertaining to dental cases only, or can any procedure type be coverable for a Dentist anesthetist?

What modifiers would be used?

Any assistance in this is so very much appreciated.
Thanks in Advance!