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Although I know it is best to use the 97 skin speciality exam, i would like to know what everyone would consider as a good detailed 95 exam for a derm visit. My physician likes to use 2 systems constitutional and skin but was curious if these 2 systems could be documented enough or be considered as by body areas although it is all skin? Thanks
We use the 95. When you have a specialty, you would code according to areas examined. So if they check the both arms, then to my understanding that is 2 areas. Because it is rare that the dermatologist is going to do a general exam eg: heart and lungs. Also if they go into detail about a certain area then it can be a detailed exam if you have 2 or more areas. But if they just state that both arms are clear this would not be detailed. This is my understanding to how it works.

But on saying that, they do have to give great detail about something for me to consider it detailed with only two areas. But our doctors normally will check more than just the arms. They will ususally state waist up exam including chest, back, neck, face and ears clear. So it makes it easier to get the detailed.

Hope this helps :)