detorsion of small intestine


Dalton, NE
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i am needing help please with the CPT code and ICD 10 PCS procedure for the following

the codes that i have come up with possibly are CPT 44050 and for ICD 10 PCS i wasnt sure if should use release or reposition but i was leaning more towards release? 0DN80ZZ?

Then after identification of the appropriate landmarks a midline incision was made. Dissection was carried down to the fascial level which was grasped elevated sharply incised and the abdomen entered. The incision was expanded. This allowed entry into the abdomen. The small intestine appeared healthy. There is definite volvulized bowel encompassing the entirety of the small intestine. This appeared to be rotated in a clockwise fashion and was unwound. There is evidence of chronic malrotation with multiple venous malformations throughout the small intestine and obvious scarring along the mesenteric base. The mesentery was widened using 2-0 Vicryl suture suturing of the leaves of small intestine mesentery to the left abdomen as well as to the pelvic brim. A brief testing of the intestine revealed significantly decreased tendency towards volvulus though not impossible. With the surgery completed the abdomen was closed using #1 PDS suture for fascia 3-0 Vicryl and skin staples