Wiki Diabetes "uncontrolled" in 2017 ICD-10 CM

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Hi to all, I got the navigation regarding diabetes --Uncontrolled in Alpha index as below

- uncontrolled
- - meaning
- - - hyperglycemia -see Diabetes, by type, with, hyperglycemia
- - - hypoglycemia -see Diabetes, by type, with, hypoglycemia

According this navigation can I understand uncontrolled DM with higher levels of blood glucose (lab report) as DM with hyperglycemia vice versa for DM-hypoglycemia.?

I am dealing with ER coding and I came across a medical record with DM-uncontrolled diagnosis along with the blood sugar report as 282Mg/DL. Can I code the E11.65 for this visit.? Kindly share your knowledge regarding this.

Thank you.


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Coders can't interpret lab or test results, even when it's pretty obvious as in a case like this. The code should represent the documentation of the provider's own interpretation of the patient's condition.