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Patient has a non-healing left lower extremity non-healing wound and patient has diabetes. Do I consider the non-healing wound to be an ulcer and as such code this E11.621?

Also, duplex scan done for left lower extremity cellulitis, left lower extremity wound and also has diabetes. How would you dx code this?

Diabetic coding / wound care

I never received a response to this question. I need help as I'm trying to learn on my own how to code for debridements, wound care how to code for certain diseases such as what I asked in the previous email. Patient is diabetic and has a non-healing wound - is this non-healing wound considered a ulcer?

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Diabetic Coding

The Provider needs to specify if the wound is a diabetic wound or is the wound is complicated by Diabetes.

If that is the case, by you description, I would code it L97.829; E11.9

If the patient has a diabetic LLE wound it would be coded as E11.622; L97.829

If the provider says that the patient has a non-healing wound due to Venous Insufficiency and the wound is slowed by diabetes I would code it like this. I87.2; L97.829; E11.628

I code for wound care.

Hope this helps.