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Diagnosis codes, Z00.129 and Z00.121

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I am needing some help with these 2 codes: Z00.129 (w/o abnormal findings) and Z00.121 w/abnormal findings.

My Doctors on the most part will use the w/o abnormal findings with their Preventive WCC visits if there is nothing found on the Examination...but, if they do find something on the visits, they will still use the Z00.129 (w/o abnormal findings)!
In my Coding for Pediatrics, 2017 they state that "an abnormal finding" is a newly discovered condition or a known/chronic condition that has increased in severity (eg. uncontrolled, acutely exacerbated)
For example, Doctor performed a WCC visit, found Molluscum contagiosum - B08.1, So I would use diagnosis code should be Z00.121 (with abnormal finding)?
Another example, Doctor peformed a WCC visit, Menorrhagia with regular cycle was entered as a diagnosis, along with Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis of thoracolumbar region - M41.125 (which was found on the previous year's WCC visit, and no x-rays were taken to determine if there were any problems at this time. But I would still use Z00.121 (with abnormal findings) for the N92.0?

Do I need to correct the physicians regarding this? Or do I not understand the codes?
Thanks for any help,
Terri L.D., CPC
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If the diagnosis is first identified during that visit, then Z00.121 with the additional dx is appropriate. I always make sure to educate our Peds on this as they tend to either use Z00.129 for all visits or use Z00.121 when the issue is ongoing (like ADHD).

Michelle B CPC, CEMC