Diagnosis For Cosmetics


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Hey I need some help. We just switched from PC's to MAC, so it is my job to enter all the dx and cpt's. When I started here over 3 years ago I was told what codes to use for cosmetic patients that came in for abdominoplasty's, thigh lifts, face lifts etc. We used 701.8 cutis laxa. Well now that look into this and I am the only one doing the coding and billing I am thinking that this isn't the correct code. I have been using the V50.1 (which was never used here) but we like to code to the specific area for the cosmetics as well. Can you please just give me a few ideas of what you guys use. Thanks in advance.
I attended a Plastics coding seminar in April this year from the ASPS and in looking back at their paperwork, they do reference V50.1 for the cosmetic cases. The body site code would be for your records only, wouldn't it? (Most insurance companies do not pay for cosmetic). So I would think it is up to you if you choose to divide it out further and be specific to the body part. I would do this myself!! We aren't doing that many cosmetics (mostly insurance here).

I hope this helps! Good luck

Kati Telliard, CPC:D
We use v50.1 if it is a strictly cosmetic case. If it is insurance billable we submit the claim with the appropriate ICD-9 of the medical problem being treated. Hope that helps!