Wiki Diagnosis Vs. Another Diagnosis

in an outpatient physician setting - you can't code vrs - you'd code the signs/symptoms if you don't have a definitive dx - (this is for outpatient coding).
I don't do inpatient coding, yet.. but I hear we can code it as though it does exist, as though they have it...

anybody else? ......
it's an outpatient physician setting. The doctor wrote only URI vs. Pneumonia with no symptoms. I guess I should ask her to document more stating the signs and symptoms.
so, nothing in the documentation such as cough, difficulty breathing, congestion?...
yup, you'll need clarification on it if nothing else is provided.
outpatient setting, can't code "vrs"
Thanks for your help! I was never completely sure of what to code when 'vrs' was in the diagnosis.