diagnostic testing-- dx sequencing inpatient vs outpatient

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I'm hoping some of you can shed some light on an issue that has come up with my fellow coders. We have been reviewing the coding guidelines and are having trouble interpreting (and agreeing) on them ;) in regards to diagnostic testing and the sequencing of the dx codes.

Scenario 1 If a patient comes to an outpatient testing center, to have an echo (93306) performed, the indication for the test is CAD (I25.10) and the final interpreted report is available, which indicates the patient has a finding Aortic Stenosis (I35.0), would you code it as A) I35.0, I25.10 B) I35.0 or C) I25.10, I35.0 and why?

Scenario 2 If a patient is inpatient at the hospital, and has an echo (93306) performed, the indication is CAD (I25.10) and the echo report indicates a finding of Aortic Stenosis, would you code it as A) I25.10 B) I35.0 C) I25.10, I35.0 or D) I35.0, I25.10 and why?

Thank you all in advance for your help!