Wiki Dialysis graft or shunt

Are You Meaning The Creation On A Fistula, Graft Or Shunt. My Vascular Perform Creations, Declots, Revison And Ligations Of All These Dialysis Access. I Have Never Had A Problem With Medicare Covering Any Of These Procedures.:)
Dialysis Access

We do a lot of new access and revision of dialysis grafts here in Calif. and I rarely have trouble getting Medicare to pay. Sometimes a new graft or fistula will clot off a week or two post-op and if revision is done you need to make sure to use -79 in order to get paid for the 2nd surgery done within the post-op period. Medicare does give me trouble with 93990, AVG imaging, and will deny claims using the medical necessity excuse more often than not.

Good Luck!

Stephanie Erdrich, CMA