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Two injections are given at the same encounter. One is in the right muscle and one in the left muscle. Would a modifier 59 be put on one of the injections as they are in different sites? Thanks

What kind of injections? trigger points? therapeutic?

Two injections of Faslodex - each 250 mg for a total of 500 mg. One injection is in the right muscle and one is in the left muscle. Modifier 59?)

would the answer change if the injections were neulasta?

thanks much for your help
As long they are therapeutic meds billed with a 96372 the you may bill a second injection using the 59 modifier. Trigger point injections billed with a 20552 or 20553 may be billed with only one line and one unit.
2 injections use of modifier 59

Faslodex is a chemo drug (94402). The drug is given in 2 premixed syringes - one in the right glueus and the other is given in the left gleutus - for a total of 500 mg.

Modifier 59 given on the second injection?? Thank you much