Direct to Spacer Hip Case


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I am in touch with a doctor who is asking me for the correct codes for a direct to spacer case, which he does not think he has ever done before. He said it could also theoretically be an arthrotomy hip for debridement with placement of abx spacer code as well.

He says they are technically placing a temporary antibiotic spacer only. However, it is unusual because the patient does not have a hip replacement, so there is no “removal of prosthesis” code to place. Also, the spacer the doctor is making is an articulating spacer that looks similar to a hip replacement. He thought the closest thing that approximated the surgery would be conversion of prior surgery to hip replacement with a downcode, and also placement of antibiotic spacer code. The codes he picked are 27132 and 11981.

I myself do not agree with using a hip replacement code for a product that is not a hip replacement. How do you think this should be coded? Thank you!

EDIT: For now, I have selected 27299 and 11981, and plan to write a letter of explanation.
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