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Pt has a fracture of distal radius and was casted 2 weeks ago. Came back in for F/U of radiology and shows "alignment has been lost ". Being brought back in for closed manipulative reduction and short arm cast application.

What is the dx code????
I think I'm over thinking this :confused:

malalignment of fracture. There is a specific code for this. I do not have my book but it is in the book, it is right next to the non union of fx code.
Thanks Debra and Mousehouse1!

733.81 And a late effect code of 905.2 beings it happened after original surgery of casting 2 weeks prior?

Physician states "alignment was acceptable" when first surgery was performed and when they did a follow up x-ray 2 weeks later dr. states "the alignment was lost" so pt. was brought back in to do a closed manilpulative reduction with short arm cast. So does this classify as a late effect of fracture??