Dix hallpike and epley codes?


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I am trying to figure out the best CPT codes to use for a Dix-Hallpike test and Epley/Canalith Repositioning. we used to use an Unspecified code, 92700, with 2 units for a Dix-Hallpike if bilateral, and 3 units for bilateral Epley. Our office was just bought out by a major corporate network and we can no longer use this code. Is there any suggestions what codes to use for these procedures? I found the code 92532(Positional Nystagmus test) for the Dix-Hallpike, but it can't be used with an E/M code. Could that code be used during a VNG which doesn't have an E/M code? Also, I found the code 95992(Canalith repositioning procedure,eg. Epley maneuver, Semont maneuver), which I believe can be used with an E/M code. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.