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We have a management company telling our doctors that Atherosclerosis of extremities due to DM should be classifed under (250.70) DM with peripheral circulatory disorders, especially if the pt has a lower extremity ulcer. I felt that if the patient has atherosclerosis with lower extremity ulceraction due to dm it should be classifed as (250.80) DM w/specified manifestations. I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject. Thanks
It is possible you are both correct depending on the documentation you can use both the 250.7x and the 250.8x with the athersclerosis and the ulceration as the manifestations.
If the ulceration is due to the atherosclerosis associated with DM, classify it as a 250.7X.
If the ulceration is not related to the atherosclerosis, then classify it as 250.8X.
The coding is dependent upon the detail in the documentation.