DM with CDK for a Psych visit?


Statesville, NC
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Hi all -

I am new to behavioral health coding and would like to know if DM with CKD can/should be the primary and secondary dx for a visit when a patient sees a psychiatrist. The provider does counsel the patient on eating less sugar and the reasons she turns to sugar (anger, sadness) and discussed the effects of high sugar vs high calorie on physically/mood. Is that enough to position them as primary & secondary? Provider then goes on to list ADD, Bipolar 2 disorder with major depressive episode and trauma and stressor-related disorder. Looking at the note it does appear that she has most planning under the DM/CKD and has brief updates for for the other dx. I guess I just never really thought of DM being a mentality thing but further research on my part is proving me wrong. Thoughts?