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coding type II DM insulin dependent

The guidelines in my ICD-9 book right under the diagnosis state:

250.00 - type 2 or unspecified typoe, not stated as uncontrolled
Fifth-digit 0 is for use in type 2, diabetic patients even if the patient requires insulin. Use additional code, if applicable, for associated long term (current) insulin use V58.67.

Guidelines Section I.C.3.a.2
If the type of diabetes mellitus is not documented in the medical record the defaul type is II.

Guidelines Section I.C.3.a.3
If the documentation in a medical record does not indicate the type of diabetes but does indicate that the patient uses insulin, the appropriate fifth-digit for type II must be used.

Looks like the main concern is if it is in control or not.

Hope this helps - man I love this ICD-9 book - these tidbits are right under the diagnosis codes.