do you use book for entire exam? help!


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Hi, i am taking the CPC-H this weekend and wanted to know if you can use your books for the - Medical Terminology - Anatomy - Coding Guidelines
- Payment Methodologies & Compliance questions.

Also, can you use CPC expert book? thanks...
ABSOLUTELY you can use your books for the entire exam! :)

and, no - you cannot bring a CPC EXPERT book. Only the listed books will be allowed in. Per the AAPC Website under the exam information area:

"Approved Manuals for Use During Examination
CPT® Books (AMA Standard or Professional versions only) no other publisher is allowed)

For specialty credential examinations you may have one additional printed reference book of your choice.
For the CIRCC™ examinations you may use anatomical charts to assist in catheter selection (labeled with w/catheter selectivity.)
In addition, any officially published errata update sheets for these manuals may be used. No other manuals are allowed. Examinees may use current calendar year and/or previous year code books. However, it is strongly suggested that only current manuals be used. Questions on the CPC®, CPC-H® or CPC-P® tests do not require the use of any other outside material.

Individuals with a solid understanding of coding fundamentals, anatomy, and terminology should be able to answer each examination question through application of the CPT®, ICD-9-CM, or HCPCS manuals, or through careful reasoning."
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