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Does anyone know if just mentioning cervical (neck), Thoracic (mid back) and Lumbar (low back) enough documentation?

I have read that documentation must indicate the specific segments/areas manipulated.

Just want to make sure
Hi. Medicare is more strict with what they require in documentation, they want the doctor to be very specific. Private health insurance is more flexible but I have had documentation rejected because areas are not specified enough and this seems to be happening a lot more lately. "Neck", "Back", "Low Back", "Pelvis", and "Sacral" are generally not acceptable, they are considered too vague. Here is a list of what I have had success with, including Medicare:
NECK, use:
- Atlas
- Axis
- Occiput (or "CO")
- C1, C2... C7
BACK, use:
- Dorsal
- Costovertebral
- Costotransverse
- T1, T2... T12
LOW BACK, use:
- Lumbar (shoot and miss with this one)
- L1, L2... L5
PELVIS, use:
- Ilii (R or L)
- SI (R or L)
SACRAL, use:
- Sacrum
- Coccyx