Wiki documenting a mumford procedure. How much?

Boardman, OH
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hello! can someone help me find the latest guidelines for documenting a mumford procedure? I need information to show the physician that clearly defines how much must be excised in this procedure. I cannot find any recent literature. Is it still 8-10 mm that has to be excised in order to properly bill for this procedure? Any lead on where I could find this information would be greatly appreciated..
According to Margie Scalley Vaught from AAOS, the amount was removed from the code by the AMA. So your not going to find any information on how much any more. However, most physicians use their little finger to take their measurement. Ask your doc about it. If they are using their little finger to make the measurement to make sure it's not impinging any more, you should be good and this will also show that this is not just simple debridement of the distal clavicle.