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Aynor, SC
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Need some education on where to go and get info on doing refunds on pt acc once the insurance has paid now has come back only paying parital and requesting the rest back. new to this. the carrier is CMS Medicare of course!!:confused::confused::confused:
Medicare sends a comphrehensive letter stating how much to return, where to return to, and the deadline to return it (usually 30 days). Also, go to the website of your area's Medicare Intermediary (ie Palmetto, Noridian, etc.) and search the website for the Overpayment Form (855A?) that will need to be completed and sent back with the payment. You can then bill the patient or any secondary insurance for the balance.
Sometimes you can call and request an immediate offset be done so you don't have to send in a refund. Our local Medicare does that. There is also a form that can be filled out and faxed in requesting an immediate offset be done. I would call your carrier and see how they prefer the refund/offset be handled.

Thanks so much will investigate the web sites, very valuable info given