Wiki Dr. changes tax id during pt's pregnancy


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How do you bill antepartum care if Dr. A treats the pt for 5 antepartum visits under her old tax id and 4 visits under her new tax id and Dr. B who is under the new tax id delivers the baby.
Are Dr. A and Dr. B in the same group practice? If so, in my OB billing experience you would not unbundle the package.
Yes, Dr. A and B are in the same group now but Dr. A wants to bill the antepartum care that she gave under her old tax as well as the antepartum care that she gave under the new tax id. She wants to bill 59425 twice and Dr. B was on call and did the delivery and he wants to bill for the delivery.
We've had similar issues in our practice, and we are still trying to get it all straight. If a Dr. is not charging the entire delivery global charge, some payors may require you to split the antepartum care between the two tax ids. I would check with the patient's insurance company and see how they would like you to handle that.
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Dr. A already billed 59425 under her previous tax id and wants to bill 59425 again under the current tax id. I called MMO and they said to bill the antepartum visits under the current tax id as office visits. I think we should bill 59426 under the current tax id since her antepartum care ended under this tax id.