Drainage catheter injection


Redding, CA
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I need help with this, I have a biliary drainage catheter that was just injected, no other intervention performed. I can't seem to find a code for this. Here is the ope report:

A pigtail 14 French drainage catheter is seen along the right lateral abdomen on scout imaging. Numerous internal common bile duct endoscopically placed stents are in place in addition to numerous coils overlying the porta hepatis region. Gentle contrast injection into the 14 French biliary drainage catheter shows some communication with the biliary tree which appears decompressed and evidence of a small biloma. Because of this a drainage catheter was not removed and a small sample was obtained and sent to labratory for culture and sensitivity with copy sent to primary care physician.

A total of 0.7 minutes fluoroscopy time utilized. Total of 3 cc of Isovue-300 gentle contrast administration into the existing 14 French biliary drainage catheter. The exit of the catheter was securely taped to minimize withdrawal and communication gibven for later assessment by the initial service placing the 14 French catheter as to whether or not they would like replacement or removal.

Thank you in advance for any help!