"Dropping off specimen" for culture

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Our office has the capability to run a UA, but we do not have the facilities to run a culture. Therefore, it has to go to an outside lab for culture.

Some of our chronic UTI patients will come to the office for the sole purpose of leaving a specimen for culture. We collect it for them, i.e., package in appropriate container for the lab. We do not run anything on this urine, knowing it will need to be cultured in most cases.

Is there any code for this collection? Is this an unreimbursed service? Office had been billing 81000 for this, even when a UA isn't being run. If you have any printed reference on line, that would be awesome. Thanks!


True Blue
Columbia, MO
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You cannot charge an 81000 if you did not perform this test. If all,your office is doing is sending the specimen to the lab, the only possible charge is specimen handling, 99000 which many payers do not reimburse.