Drug Therapy monitoring documentation help????


Lake Charles, LA
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For Drug Therapy requiring intensive monitoring what needs to be documented? Do providers need to specify what they are monitoring for? Below is example of documentation and I am not sure if this would qualify since specific monitoring is not documented.

Provider is seeing patient for 4 mnth follow up for PET/CT results and CBC and CHEM 18 results, no new complaints, treating for stage 4 Breast cancer. Provider treating patient with Ibrance/AI. Provider reviewed PET/CT findings of left upper lobe nodule SUV 3.7 asymptomatic and CBC and CHEM 18 was reviewed. Discussed changing therapy and agreed to repeat PET in 2 months and decision to be made then regarding therapy. Pending PET results may change therapy to Ibrance/Faslodex. Patient to return in 2 months after PET/CT.

Does this meet qualifications for Drug Therapy requiring montioring?