Wiki DX and CPT coding of office visit for pt not in attendance during visit


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I am unsure of how to code this scenerio: Patient was not in attendance during this visit, but his son (who also is his power of attorney) was present to discuss the patient's medications and medical condition as the patient will be relocating to another state. The doctor issued new perscriptions and disussed the positive and negative factors of moving the patient out of state.

I have found the following DX codes to be relevent : V65.19 (other person consulting on behalf of another person) and V68.1 (issue of repeat perscriptions). I amnot sure of what CPT code I should use in this case. Any suggestions? The payor is a Medicare Advantage plan.
We code an office visit, usually time based for counseling (since there wouldnt' be an exam) BUT it has to be billed to the person who was present, even if they're discussing someone else (parent, child etc). (I've always thought this was odd, but this is the policy we follow)

hope that helps