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Kalispell, MT
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I need help on this one. ICD 9 book does not have a code for cecum nodule.

Findings: There is a small, firm pale nodule in the cecum. The nodule was very friable with small arteriole which continue to bleed.

I would appreciate some help. Thank you.:)
Does the operative report state angiodysplasia or AV malformation of intestine? You could then use 569.85 as he states it continues to bleed. If not, I would probably use 569.89.
Thank you for your reply. No there was no evidence. Here's the whole findings:

"There was no evidence of angioectasia/AVM, ulcerated mucosae, colitis or polyps in the colon. On retro-flexed view, medium-sized internal hemorrhoids were found. The hemorrhoids showed no bleeding stigmata. There is a small, firm, pale nodule in the cecum. Two cold forceps biopsies were taken. To control bleeding, 2 clips were applied, with success. Multiple images were captured. The nodule was very friable with small arteriole w/c continued to bleed; hemoclips x 2 stopped the bleeding."
The report was:

Colon, cecum nodule biopsy. The slides show nodular colonic mucosa with mild congestion. There is no evidence of granuloma or active cryptitis, microscopic colitis, dysplasia or malignancy
Thank you so much for your help "koatsj" I do appreciate the time you spent in answering my dx coding confusion. :)