Dx Colonoscopy - EMR ( Endoscopic Mucosal Resection) Techniques

Albany, OR
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I would greatly appreciate some help finding sources to clarify required verbiage in order to meet a 45390 for endoscopic mucosal resection. Our whole coding department is looking for some clarity as some of our providers tend to be vague case by case. My understanding is that AAPC recommends the lift, demarcate, piecemeal, and APC/cautery type description. I cannot seem to find this on AAPC or elsewhere (coding corner, ASGE, etc.) and I have not found clear answers for what might fall short. At times, depending on documentation, we are looking at a 45385, 45381-59 for the same lesion if it doesn't quite meet the language we are looking for at this time. Any information or resources would be appreciated. Thanks!